You are invited in to the ongoing transformational journey of your heart and life. Lorie Martin offers traditional Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companionship*Inner Healing* of trauma and memories, and her passion for heart, life, and soul care. She also leads contemplative retreats at her beach & woods cottage near Chilliwack, B.C. and other locations. You will experience times of personal inner reflection, exploring various aspects of your life, past and present, gaining personal insight and a deep connection with yourself and God. Lorie has prepared places and spaces where you are encouraged to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine love of God. Anyone with a faith experience or not will benefit from what Lorie invites you to explore and experience as newness of life. You can also enjoy this journey with Lorie through one of her three books; Invited, Choose Love, and Grace upon Grace.

“Spring always comes ~ she just does.” – Lorie


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*See Spiritual Direction and/or *Inner Healing (Prayer Counseling)