You are invited in to the ongoing transformational journey of your heart and life.  Lorie Martin offers traditional Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companionship*, Inner Healing* of trauma and memories,  and her passion for heart, life, and soul care.  She also leads contemplative retreats at her beach & woods cottage near Chilliwack, B.C. and other locations.  You will experience times of personal inner reflection, exploring various aspects of your life, past and present, gaining personal insight and lasting healing. Lorie has prepared places and spaces where you are encouraged to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine love of God.  Anyone with a faith experience or not will benefit from what Lorie invites you to explore and experience as newness of life.

“Spring always comes – she just does.” – Lorie

Lorie’s newest book!


“Grace upon Grace”

Daily Meditations  $15

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This little book is the second in a series of daily meditations. It holds 31 photos, sketches, and quotes to invite you into quiet moments of reflection and offers comfort and strength on your unique pilgrimage of loss and grief.  “I found that lots of words can overwhelm when passing through deep waters of the various losses in our life. However beauty and simplicity gift my soul. These images and ponderings continue to be a fragrant balm to the tender wounds of my heart and life. You will be met in the pain and suffering of your past and present sorrows that have impacted you deeply, changed your life, and cracked you open to your core. When it seems all hope is gone, may genuine comfort, patient wisdom, and radical new life be yours.”   Lorie

Cover Photo: Watercolor by Herta  The Light Overcomes the Darkness


“CHOOSE LOVE” Daily Meditations  $15

Choose Love BookCoverImage

You are invited to enter into a series of contemplative meditations that will lead you deeper into Love. There are 31 daily reflective writings with photographs of heart shapes found in nature.

“I discovered these ‘messages of grace’ while on an awakening journey with Love. Lingering with them became a passage into the real, yet mysterious, depths of the beautiful Presence of Love. My hope and trust is that you will also experience the grace of deepening Love, intimacy, and transformation through these invitations.”
~ Lorie

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Book Cover - Invited

Lorie has also written and compiled, “Invited,” – a collection of meditations  and a wide variety of invitations. “Invited” will guide and encourage your listening times as you open to encounter divine love and explore your relationship with God. “Invited” has 7 sections: Invited to Listen, Invited to Scripture, Invited to Rest, Invited to Solitude, Invited to Community, Invited to Healing, Invited to Action.

These meditations vary from 5 min – 30 min for short or longer connecting times and can bring meaning and purpose to your times in solitude and are very effective in small group or community gatherings.

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*See Spiritual Direction and/or *Inner Healing (Prayer Counselling) for further details.

* See Her Books for more on “Invited” and “Choose Love