IMG_1471   I had the precious honor of witnessing a Divine encounter a few weeks ago. I know each moment is precious and to be held as holy. I know that ‘God’ is present and active in each smile we offer one another and in each face we meet. I see The Sacred Presence of Love and Life in each new leaf that emerges this spring and every little ladybug that crawls up to say, “good day.” But this was one of those moments that was extra-ordinary – the essence was most holy like a brand new baby being born – something most beautiful that doesn’t happen every day just like the day before. Here are her journal entries from our time together after years of wondering, waiting, and seeking only Truth. (Shared with permission by dearest ‘C’.)

March 16

” Today you soared into my heart

like a blade of light

and nestled there,

home at last,

tremulous     tender    entangled in rainbows of prismatic light “

March 17

” What shall I call thee?

Dear God

Dear heart of hearts

Dear beloved

Dear friend, dear friend.

Dear Awesomeness! (wink wink,nudge, nudge!)

Dear friend

Dear friend ”

Photo: Dearest Jodi’s bracelet shared at a deeply sacred time “of Light” in my life. 2013  LM