A year full of wonderful activities, meaningful encounters, many joys and deep sorrow…..

Now, my soul longs for Quiet like a deer pants for water. Not quiet for quiet’s sake although that would be holy enough.

Quiet in which to notice the many beautiful little surprises that just exist; like the wee hummingbird that stopped by my table on our view deck yesterday simply to drink from the happy lobelia blooming profusely in the white porcelain pot that i keep refilling with these brilliant indigo buds which my mother gave me a few years ago.

Quiet enough to delight in the whizzing of dragonflies, the harmonies of birds songs, and the splashing sprinklers that keep my garden treasures alive.

Quiet enough to feel the sun’s kisses on my face, the cool grass in my toes, my garden and home project pains in my back and shoulders, my son’s glorious big strong slow hugs, and God’s love maybe just a little bit more.

Quiet long enough to meet my inner Life in a meaningful way and be forever changed for now by the love and kindness I offer myself to simply be; and that be enough for the rich and rare moment; before the necessary and fulfilling action times appear again.

May our summer be laced with quiet; where beauty and love can mingle; that we may be laced with quiet.

Summer light and joy,