My Summer Labyrinth Journey – July 2015

IMG_8211 It all started with an invitation. The ancient pilgrim walk of the labyrinth beckoned me to come. I was in Seattle at a retreat centre on Puget Sound spending 3 days in silent reflection with God.

It was time.

I’ll never be the same.

IMG_8207 “Come, my little one – Bring your suffering to Me.”

IMG_8208 I come.  Taking a deep breath I slowly maneuvered through the deep waters of my soul with her ever-present pain & sorrow, grief and loss – “The Great Sadness” weighing her down in hopeless despair. I come.

IMG_8212 “Meet me in The Centre of My Intimate Love.” Deep calls to deep. I surrender. It all melts into Love. Waiting in the not-knowing with my forehead bowed and sunken onto the cruciform brick as deep time passes into the here and now. “Rise up, little one.”

IMG_8214  “Walk out into Risen Life and New Beginnings.”    Dare I?  Oh Mysterious Love! By grace, with buried faith, I follow into the Light of Love.

“Rest now and Let it Be.”

The Paschal Mystery of Christ – Suffering, Dying, Waiting, Rising, ….. Resurrection Life – May I stay Awake!




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