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Grace upon Grace



“Grace upon Grace”

Daily Meditations  $15

2nd book in the “Invited In Daily Meditation Series”

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This little book is the second in a series of daily meditations. It holds 31 photos, sketches, and quotes to invite you into quiet moments of reflection and offers comfort and strength on your unique pilgrimage of loss and grief.

“I found that lots of words can overwhelm when passing through deep waters of the various losses in our life. However beauty and simplicity gift my soul. These images, invitations to linger and ponder, and daily blessings, continue to be a fragrant balm to the healing wounds of my heart and life. You will be met in the pain and suffering of your past and present sorrows that have impacted you deeply, changed your life, and cracked you open to your core. When it seems all hope is gone, may genuine comfort, patient wisdom, and radical new life be yours.”   Lorie

Cover Photo: Watercolor by Herta  The Light Overcomes the Darkness



A Light for Aleppo


A candle will be lit at upcoming Contemplative Evening Prayers  NOVEMBER 20th @ 7:30 pm

St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church 3025 – 264th Street Aldergrove/Langley

Lorie Martin and Cathy AJ Hardy

In addition to the Contemplative Evening Prayer Gathering on Nov. 20th we are joining the Light for Aleppo gatherings around the world. Our sung prayers will hold with hope the hearts and lives of those who suffer. Truly Hope is Deeper than Despair. May it be so. Painting attached: Light Overcomes the Darkness by Herta

Will you join us by lighting a beacon on Sunday 20 November to help raise awareness for the crises in Aleppo?

The beacons can be as simple as lighting a candle in a window, though we are also hoping for a number of community gatherings and the lighting of fires with churches and faith communities being integral to this vision. People feel so helpless and frustrated about what is happening in Syria. We hope that this initiative will help the movement for peace in Aleppo and let the people, aid workers, charities, and victims of war know that they are not forgotten. We have already heard from people in parts of the UK and in other countries who intend to join in. In this way, a path of light might well reach from here to Aleppo, or at least to Syrian borders, and spread hope, and may even help save lives.  Warm wishes, Ali Newell   Associate Chaplain at Edinburgh University

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