Strength in the Storm


You are in this boat

With me

With us

O Great Thankfulness

You pull us in to yourself, your embrace

You tuck us in tightly face to face

Your strength surrounds us

Your sure-ness enfolds us

We are safe in your holding love

We are safe.

Though the storms rage all around

The waves slap at us as they are

You calm the inner storm and wave

O Great Thankfulness

O Holy Touch beyond compare

O Sacred Hold through all

O Blessed Peace beyond understanding

O Great Thankfulness

As I wrote this in my journal this morning Psalm 18 came to mind – It is an old favorite of mine. As I turned the very thin pages of my extremely worn, almost disrespectfully so,  NIV Bible I found it marked and circled with sketches of lightening bolts running down the margin.  An old remembering met me there – a mysterious reminder of what had been given many times before. I re-entered her captivating message and was once again re-called to how my voice goes into God’s ears and how God draws me out of deep waters and takes me to a spacious place as I am delighted in. I forgot how extremely long this Psalm is but I read it in it’s entirety even in the midst of the longest to-do list EVER!  As if that wasn’t enough I felt drawn to read it again in Nan Merrill’s Praying the Psalms where her intimate language drew me even deeper into THIS GREAT LOVE and TRUTH – My Center, my Home, my Beloved.  Another invitation to be held so tightly and taken to spacious places.

With Love,  Lorie

Labyrinth Center Photo taken @ Stillpoint/Bellingham Jan 2017 lm