IMG_2747 Hi! Thanks for visiting this website. I wish we were face to face and will hold hope that we can some day. For now, I will share that I live in a magical little beach village called Lindell Beach, near Chilliwack BC. I was born and lived in Edmonton Alberta, where Dwight and I lived for many years. We moved to beautiful BC thirty years ago, have raised 5 children, and now have the joy of being grandparents!

For the past twenty years, I have offered spiritual companionship through one-on-one spiritual direction, contemplative retreats, workshops, and practice groups. I am an Anglican priest serving at St. Thomas Church in Chilliwack. I am passionate about parish life being fertile soil for transformation. Within community life, I cherish spiritual formation and the mystery of the sacraments for growth and development in lives.

To facilitate spiritual formation with rhythms of prayer, study, and practice, colleagues and I have created The Centre for Spiritual Renewal. The Centre, now in multiple locations, offers weekly & monthly Centering Prayer and other spiritual practices: Lectio Divina, labyrinth walks, retreats, study groups and workshops. The Centre offers one-on-one Listening Prayer sessions, group and personal Spiritual Direction/Companionship along with a Peer Supervision Group, and the Rite of Reconciliation with a priest to confess our needs, anxieties, and fears in a place of safety and prayer. 

My story has chapters of deep grief where I am continuing to learn that God’s grace is sufficient and even surprising in the worst situations in our lives. I am discovering and continue to trust that everything in our lives can be used for good when we consent and come to rest in God’s unending embrace.

I am on the Board of Directors of The Contemplative Society (Cynthia Bourgeault and other wisdom teachers).  I love being in nature, kayaking, taking photos, writing, making memories with my family, and sipping tea, lattes, or spirits with friends.  

I offer 4 books to encourage the contemplative journey and practice hat leads to deep healing and restorative action in our lives – See “Her Books” Invited, Choose Love, Grace upon Grace, and The Next Dawn.

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The Centre for Spiritual Renewal is a ministry for Transformation. 

All who desire to follow Christ and grow more in the image of God are welcome. 

All who are on a spiritual journey are welcome. 

All who are curious are welcome. 

All who are tired and need rest are welcome. 

All are welcome.


Lorie and Dwight were invited to the film location with Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack. The encounter of grace in the grand embrace of healing love transformed their grief journey… for more info click here:

                             See Lorie Martin’s ‘Shack’ story here Youtube 



Dwight and Lorie with Drew Marshall

Our Radio Interview Brings Hope



A Deep Surrender Into Love

December 13, 2018|Spirituality, Grief, Contemplation

With special guest Lorie Martin 

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