Virtual or Telephone appointments are available:

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for one-one personal accompaniment with a trained companion to explore one’s relationship with God, self and others on the tender and tenacious journey of faith. We connect people with spiritual directors from a variety of traditions. Scholarships are available. Contact Lorie Martin at

Listening Prayer Ministry is a form of prayer where one meets to listen and invite God’s healing presence into a present dilemma or an unhealed memory. Taking time in stillness and quiet with a trained facilitator to listen to God brings peace and restoration to our lives. No fee.
Contact Katherine Murray at

Prayer Circles are for those needing to be encircled in community for a specific season in one’s life (illness, discernment, encouragement, strengthening, etc.) A person chooses who they want in their circle (3-6 people). A prayer circle may include liturgical prayers, a hymn, scripture, silence, listening to God in community, and sharing. No fee.

Group Spiritual Companions meet monthly, or as the group decides, for a time of spiritual practice, listening to one another, prayer and sharing. It follows a clear format so all have time to share together in a contemplative circle. Groups will be available to join in September and January.  No fee.

For more information or questions contact the Centre for Spiritual Renewal at St. Dunstan’s Parish.
Rev. David Taylor 604-856-5393 or Lorie Martin 604-217-6966  

The Centre for Spiritual Renewal is a ministry for Christian transformation.

All who desire to follow Christ and grow more in the image of God are welcome.

All who are on a spiritual journey are welcome.

All who are curious are welcome.

All who are tired and need rest are welcome.

All are welcome.