“Perhaps it’s time to feel the wind,

listen to the brook and smell the woods …

     And perhaps it is time to listen to your own heart

and Divine Love that surrounds you….

          Maybe even rest into it, open, receive, and respond with new life.” LM


    • Lorie and a team offer INVITED retreat days that include time in nature, art therapy, massage, personal prayer counselling* or spiritual direction* and soul care practices. See Schedule.


    • Lorie is Associate Director and offers retreats and events at St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal  in Aldergrove/Langley. See www.st-dunstans.ca


    • She is available to lead a retreat for your group or team to guide a valuable time in community for team building and deepening connections with each other in ways that matter to you.


  • You can book a personal retreat day (for solitude or with another) at the cottage or St. Dunstan’s Parish. Spiritual Direction is available.

Contact Lorie to book your time to be refreshed and restored.  invitedin@telus.net   604 217-6966