Anam Cara

Cathy Hardy and Lorie Martin have created a Circle of Resonance for women wanting to grow and flourish on their spiritual path. Anam Cara will hold intentional Soul Care connections and events for a 12 month period.  Maximum registration is 12 women.

YEAR ONE: August 2016 to July 2017 –  FULL

YEAR ONE August 2017 to July 2018  – INFO below. Registration Now Available 

Please contact one of us to inquire should your heart be drawn to this.

“In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful understanding of love and friendship. One of the fascinating ideas here is the idea of soul-love; the old Gaelic term for this is anam cara. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and cara is the word for friend. With the anam cara you could share your innermost self, your mind and your heart. This friendship was an act of recognition and belonging.” – John O’Donohue

– Are you longing to deepen your relationship with Divine Love?
– Is it time for a fresh awakening of faith, wisdom, and community?
– Do you want opportunities to discover and connect with your radiant Essence?


“It is our intention to walk with women on their authentic journey with deep meaningful soul care and invest in a loving relationship that leads to lasting transformation and inner freedom.” – Cathy &  Lorie

Anam Cara YEAR ONE

Intentional Soul Care – Living an Authentic Life and Faith

Maximum 12 women One Year Commitment  Locations: Lower Mainland B.C.
Monthly Theme/Spiritual Practice/Wisdom Figure/Keys for growth and inner freedom
12 Monthly One-on- one Spiritual Direction/Companionship
2 Full Day Retreats
10 Group Monthly Gatherings
1 hr./month Telephone/Email Connecting
Weekly Email Inspirational Reflections
$250/month includes all of the above plus venues, meals, and supplies for Soul Care events.
Optional: 6 Invitedin2soulcare contemplative evenings with no additional cost ($180 value)

YEAR ONE – Monthly Themes/Spiritual Practices/Wisdom Figures/Topic:

Anam Cara II – 2nd Year

Circle Gatherings – 2 Mini-Retreats + New Years Eve Afternoon @ The Abbey

  • Sat Oct 14  @ 1 – 5 pm (4 hours)   Cathy’s home
  • Dec 31/Abby – New Years Listening Time together
  • Sat April 28  @ 1 – 5 pm (4 hours) Lorie’s home or Cottage
  • $75 each mini-retreat = $150

Spiritual Direction – One-on-One Sessions Monthly or as wanted – $75 per session

Additional Spiritual Companionship – One Hour telephone/Email per Month – $60

Contact Lorie or Cathy if you are drawn to Anam Cara II events.