2017  Updated

Soul Care Retreat – Westminster Abbey, Mission BC

Friday, Feb 24th 7:00pm – Sunday, Feb 26th 1:00pm

Soul Care RetreatsA weekend of Soul Care at the beautiful Westminster Abbey in Mission.
Room for 18 women, this retreat will offer time for reflection, meditation, soul care & rest.
Each woman will have their own private room/bathroom & access to the beautiful Abbey grounds, forest area, stone church, and more.
The retreat will be guided by Cathy with group times of meditation (rooted in the Christian Mystical Tradition), song, and stillness.  Cathy will provide journaling meditations, art meditations, & stations for personal prayer and reflection.

Retreat Facilitator:  Cathy Hardy
Spiritual Director:  Lorie Martin
Cost   $325 -including all retreat costs/meals & private accommodations.
REGISTER HERE  ($75 payable upon registration & remainder due upon arrival)


Grace in Grief Workshop – Lindell Beach, BC

Saturday, March 18th  9 am – 5 pm   

RETREAT IS FULL – Cancellation List is Available –  (1 cancellation opened)  Email invitedin@telus.net   Please let us know if you’d like to be on a waiting list to attend the next Grace in Grief Retreat.





A One-Day Retreat offering grace upon grace to our varied losses & the healing journey.

@ Lindell Beach Cottages – Cultus Lake, Chilliwack  (50 min from Abbotsford Airport)

This retreat will have guided group and solitude times with options to join workshops:

Grace through a) Songs and music with Cathy AJ Hardy  b)  Painting with Herta Klassen  c) Nature and creative responses with Lorie .

Cost $125 (Includes Lunch/Snacks/Retreat & Art Supplies)  Scholarships available.

Attending to our losses and grief is vital for our healing, growth and transformation. This retreat is specially designed to give you a sacred and a safe place to process grief with no apologies, shame, or explanations. I have come deep and close to my losses where light and healing continue to enter. It is an honor for us to journey with you in these tender places.  – Lorie

I can paint a pretty picture following all the conventional rules or I can risk opening my soul through painting, by giving expression to that which I have no words. This beauty then becomes a vital piece of my healing journey.  “We paint the images our souls need to see” – Carl Jung.   I’m honored to be here and coach you through this process.  – Herta

Singing in and through my most intense grief and pain has been profoundly life-changing. There is something about using the breath to create sound that enabled me to express sorrow and longing that was part of my healing.  I believe that singing taps us into our soul’s story and allows an expression of the soul to be birthed through sound.  It doesn’t matter if you feel you can sing or not, opening yourself to create sound together will be a gift for your journey!  – Cathy


Invited in To The Shack – FULL – You may register for waiting list

Saturday, April 1st    1 pm – 5 pm.

@  2039 Carol Road, Lindell Beach, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack

Reflections and Discussion


An Afternoon of Coffee & Conversation
Let’s take a look at the book/movie and Our Image of God with Dr. Brad Jersak

Cultus Lake Cottage with a visit to film location
(Buildings are no longer there)
Coffee/tea and snacks provided

Cost $45  (Students $25)   Some scholarships available – inquire invitedin@telus.net


Holy Saturday Retreat

Saturday, April 15th  9:30 am – 4:30 pm.
@ St. Dunstan’s Church 3025 – 264th St. Aldergrove/Langley

A Lenten day of quiet reflection and guided prayer as we wait at the in-between time.

Holy Saturday is the living tension between Good Friday and Easter
Sunday.  Its a place where we find ourselves living with the “Not Yet”.
Holy Saturday is a day to hold the places that we have died to and are
waiting for resurrection.  A day of stillness, listening, sung prayers
and creative meditation exercises.

Cost $125

With Cathy AJ Hardy and Lorie Martin

Photo by Lorie Martin, Seattle Wa.


An INVITED Retreat – Lindell Beach Cottages, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack

Saturday, May 13th   from  9:00 am – 5 pm

A Special One Day Retreat for Women –  Guided Quiet times of Solitude and in Community

Theme: “Invited to Solitude & Community” – Living a Contemplative life

A day at the water and woods to refresh your life.
Includes: massage (1/2 hr) & spiritual direction/prayer counselling (1 hr.) OR painting (2 hr.)

Choose from:
Aromatherapy Massage and
Prayer Counselling or Spiritual Direction

OR Creative Time through Painting
Retreat Team:  Barb, Debbie, Diane, Herta & Lorie

Cost: $125 Includes lunch, drinks, snacks, art and retreat supplies PLUS a copy of Lorie’s book, “Invited.” Some Scholarships are available upon request. Do not let finances keep you from coming!!!

SPECIAL PRICE for mother’s of young children —  $75.

Click Here to Register by completing needed information. Then go to Paypal or E-transfer to invitedin@telus.net


A Gather~Her Retreat – St. Dunstan’s Church , Aldergrove/Langley

Friday, June 9th   from  6 pm – 9 pm  &  Saturday, June 10th   from  9 am – 8 pm

Invited In welcomes a Gather~Her Retreat by Jodi Krahn  

“I have come to know and experience that body work is highly effective and necessary on the deep healing journey to wellness and freedom, however, often the BODY is neglected and needs to be listened and attended to. Jodi’s passion and loving care create a safe, beautiful, and effective healing experience. Hope you can join us for  this time flowing with contemplation, music, & healing body work”   – Lorie Martin

Recover your mind, restore your heart, reclaim your body, return to your WHOLE SELF.  With Jodi Krahn

You are invited to a transformative workshop with a unique blend of life coaching, restorative/yin style yoga, and embodied prayer, that help to integrate the four parts of a person: mind, heart, body and soul in order to connect with your true self and live a life you love.

 All Bodies Welcome. Prior yoga experience NOT necessary.

Bring: Journal, Yoga Mat, 2 Pillows (bolsters), blanket, strap (house coat belt will do) and a bag lunch.
Snacks and tea/coffee available. Supper provided.

Yoga means Union and Integration. Yoga helps us to embody ourselves as we unify our 4 voices, connecting intimately to ourselves and to the Divine.
Yoga allows us to activate areas in the mind, heart and body that need attention and healing.
Restorative Yoga is a gentle and compassionate form of yoga that can be adapted to any body type.
It has many health and mental health benefits and when blended with teaching, inquiry and contemplative practices it becomes a powerful modality of healing and transformation.

Friday night: Inviting our Mind to Come Home
We have a mind-voice and it’s mostly not true. Our minds send us all kinds of thoughts that need to be witnessed and questioned but not necessarily believed. To question our thoughts is a kind way of being with our self. What are the stories your mind holds onto that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and keep you from connecting with your true essence? Is your self talk critical, harsh, judging, punishing, or nurturing, loving, accepting, and supportive? We will explore and inquire further into our mind-voice and learn how we can quiet our mental chatter and change our thoughts to what is true and develop helpful, nurturing ways of being in relationship with our self.

Saturday morning: Inviting our Heart to Come Home
Our heart is the doorway to our emotions. This door wants to open to the “easy” feelings; love, joy, peace, happy and wants to close to the “hard” ones; fear, shame, sad and angry. In order to bring our hearts home and live wholeheartedly, we need to learn to feel, listen to and express all of our emotions in a healthy way. When emotions are repressed/denied or carelessly expressed, relationships can break down and we can feel lost or even like we are drowning in a raging river we cant swim in. Emotions bring important messages that need to be listened to in order to find the wisdom that they bring helping us to form healthy relationships with others and with ourselves.

Saturday afternoon: Inviting our Body to Come Home
Our body houses our mind, our emotions and our souls as it carries us through our lives. Our bodies hold our history, memories and trauma in physical form. Without awareness of what needs attending to in our bodies, we feel uncomfortable in our own skin and treat ourselves accordingly. We may think our discomfort stems form excess weight or not being in shape when really the issue is much deeper. To come home to and heal our bodies we must learn to listen to our bodies deep wisdom with attention and tenderness. Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said that our bodies are a temple, a home.

Saturday evening: Come Home to our Soul
Integrating our Mind, Heart, and Body to be at home in our Soul. The soul is our highest consciousness and our connection to the divine. It is also where many believe our true self. Our Essence within, that we were born with, gets covered over through life and needs to be recovered and recalled. The soul is the place in us that knows, all truly will be well. Our work is not to have 4 divergent voices operating but to have one voice, the soul unified voice which is the voice that must lead us to live with purpose and connection. In this final session we will connect to and listen deeply to this voice, our true home that leads the way to wholeness, hope and guides our life.

Jodi Krahn is a psychotherapist, a life coach and yoga teacher who lives in rural BC with her husband of 28 years and her cuddly therapy dog River. Her fourth and last child has recently left home for school, making her an official empty nester. Jodi experienced early attachment trauma through adoption and her parents divorce. This coupled with some painful religious abuse created the perfect storm for an eating disorder. After 25 yrs of struggling with bulimia Jodi is now in recovery and is passionate about helping others find their healing, recovery and reclamation of self through her private practice as therapist and life coach as well as founder of GatherHer workshops and retreats. Jodi believes that part of our lives work is to recover, restore and reclaim the lost aspects of ourselves to come home to ourselves so that we can be gathered and loved, in order love our people in a healthy way, and find our purpose. www.Jodikrahn.com  




Contemplative Soul Care Retreat- Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island BC

Monday, July 3rd – Friday, July 7     5-Day Retreat for men and women

Enter a 5 Day experience of Contemplative practices, Soul Care Music, Stillness, Labyrinth walks, forest paths, time for personal reflection, journaling and opportunities of receiving Spiritual Direction.

Facilitated by Cathy AJ Hardy & Lorie Martin. Cathy & Lorie have been guiding contemplative retreats together for over 10 years and together they offer their spiritual leadership to create a time of rich soul care. The retreat will offer group times of meditation, song and spiritual practices as well as personal time for rest and rejuvenation.

Rivendell retreat centre offers a unique location on Bowen island, a place of peace and quiet away from the noise, distractions and pressures of the city, with magnificent views of mountains, forests and seas… a sanctuary with a network of trails that offer the opportunity for discovering new intimacy with God while exploring forest paths and the wonders of creation. Located on 6 1/2 acres atop Cates Hill on Bowen Island; a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay and West Vancouver.

Retreat costs:

$575 – private room

$455 – shared accomodation (2 singles in a room )

$425 – couple (per person)

$395 – student/senior

$100 Deposit due with registration. Remainder of Fee to be paid upon arrival. When your deposit is received, we will send out a form to you with registration information. You will be able to indicate at that time if you would like a private/shared room etc.


Lorie Martin is a spiritual director, creative writer, and offers deep inner healing care, contemplative retreats and workshops. She lives in Abbotsford, B.C. with Dwight, her husband of 38 years. Together they raised 5 children and now have the joy of being grandparents. Lorie has journeyed through the deepest of waters in a series of losses including the death of their youngest daughter. In these raw experiences she has learned to authentically embrace both the grief and the grace that impact us deeply, crack us open to our core, and change our lives. Lorie continues to open to Healing Love and ‘grace upon grace.” She accompanys others through the arduous and mysterious landscapes of life & faith. Her passion is for our awareness and experience of Divine Presence in suffering, dying, waiting, and in the new risen life that emerges. She is author of Invited, Choose Love and Grace Upon Grace.

Cathy AJ Hardy is a singer-songwriter and offers contemplative retreats,workshops and musical events. She has created and led ecumenical evenings of sung prayer for the past 18 years, writing liturgy, prayers and songs. Her music has been nominated for several awards with the Gospel Music Awards of Canada. She sings from soul’s depths from her own personal journey of loss and transformation. Navigating the waters of divorce and loss of dreams, she said ‘yes’ to Divine Love amidst letting go of the life she had hoped for. With Brother Roger of Taize as inspiration, she has sought to live a life of ‘drinking deeply from the well-springs of life’ and learning to live a life of joy and freedom.


Come Away 3 Day Silent Retreat

Saturday, November 23-26 @ Mark Centre, Abbotsford

Facilitator: Cathy Hardy
Spiritual Director: Lorie Martin
Info & Registration: Mark Centre


Advent Day Retreat

Saturday, December 2nd   from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Location – St. Dunstan’s Church – Aldergrove/Langley
Cost: $125

2017 Completed Retreats

An INVITED Retreat

“Invited to LISTEN”

A Special Day of refreshing and reflection – Guided Quiet times of Solitude and in Community

A One-Day Women’s  Retreat

Saturday, January 21st   from  9:00 am – 5 pm

@ Lindell Beach Cottages – Cultus Lake

A day at the water and woods to refresh your life.
Includes: massage (1/2 hr) & spiritual direction/prayer counselling (1 hr.) OR painting (2 hr.)

Choose from:
Aromatherapy Massage and
Prayer Counselling or Spiritual Direction
OR Creative Time through Painting
Retreat Team:  Barb, Debbie, Diane, Eden, Herta & Lorie

Cost: $125 Includes lunch, drinks, snacks, art and retreat supplies PLUS a copy of Lorie’s book, “Invited.” Some Scholarships are available upon request. Do not let finances keep you from coming!!!