Women in Leadership  Dream/Develop/Dare/Duo/Divine/Desire/Dance

For women in leadership by vocation or lifestyle who offer care for others:
Counsellors/Facilitators/Spiritual Directors/Leaders/Pastors/Therapists/Mentors

Are you desiring a place to be held & encircled, to process and refresh?
We are preparing a sacred space of loving soul care away from the demands of your life’s work.
What we offer is intentional guided practices and meaningful quiet in solitude and nature
to connect intimately with God, ourselves, and a circle of others on the intentional soul-care journey. Together we explore your dreams, encourage your desires, and enhance your life’s dance!

“Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul,
a holy place, a Divine Center, … to which we may continually return.”
– Thomas Kelley

From our hearts to yours:
by Riso & Hudson, Nine Observations About Spiritual Work
” #9  Remember that it is our birthright and our natural state to be wise and noble, to be loving and generous to esteem ourselves and others, to be creative and constantly renewing ourselves, to be engaged in the world in awe and wonder and in depth, to have courage, to be joyous and effortlessly accomplished, to be strong and effective, to be self-possessed and enjoy an unshakable peace of mind – and above all, to be present to the unfolding mystery of our lives.”

No retreats booked at this time:  See Anam Cara Opportunity and Invitedin2soulcare