Welcome to a Regular Gathering Place –  Evening mini-retreats

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April 26 @ 7pm – 9:30pm   Spring Sings  @ St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church, Aldergrove/Langley.  Register Now



20+ women gather for a beauty-full evening of quiet inner prayer, wisdom message, meaningful music & creative art, with deep heart connecting.

“A much needed place of refuge and solace on my journey through life. My soul rested and came awake.” LM

“Our intention is to create a gathering place and regular rhythm of quiet reflection, beautiful music, various wisdom messages, creative expressions, and deep connecting for a community of women who are intentional about soul care, personal growth, and living an authentic life of love and faith.”
Lorie Martin & Cathy Hardy

– Friendship & connection.
– Entering into spiritual practices together through contemplation, music, art.
– Experiencing a variety of themes with various women in our community.

$25 per evening
Scholarships available so all may come.