Prayer Counselling/Listening Prayer


Meeting in a quiet setting to listen with you and invite God’s  healing presence into your present dilemma or an unhealed memory. Past trauma and wounds need attention if they continue to be triggered or affect life in negative ways.
Prayer Counselling is a time where compassion, comfort, and truth come to areas of confusion, pain, and anxiety to heal bringing deep restoration and lasting peace.
– Healing of Wounds & Traumas
– Healing of Memories
– Looking at Dreams
– Use of the Healing Timeline (if wanted)

A suggested fee is $75 for each 1 –  1.5 hour session. Some scholarships are available so that all who want to receive this may.

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O Spirit of God,

Set at rest the crowded, hurrying, anxious thoughts within our minds and hearts.
Let the peace and quiet of Your presence take possession of us.
Help us to rest, to relax, to become open and receptive to You.
You know our inmost spirits, the hidden unconscious life within us,
the forgotten memories of hurts and fears, the frustrated desires,
the unresolved tensions and dilemmas.
Cleanse and sweeten the springs of our being, that freedom,
life and love may flow into both our conscious and hidden life.
Lord, we lie open before You, waiting for Your peace, Your healing and Your Word.

– George Appleton, Bishop of Jerusalem