Month: January 2016

Sunday Morning Musings

January 10, 2016


You are the Living Fire in my soul.

You kindle my heart while I sleep.

And when I awake

I am set ablaze

by the beauty and grace of your love

that sparks within me when first we gaze.  LM

Photo by LM @ the cottage Jan /16

IMG_9524  Blessed Hope.

She glistens when the magic of the moment graces her to shimmer.

That we may not despair.

But consent to watch and be awakened to greet her when she dances by.  LM

Photo from my office/chapel window Dec /15


IMG_9367 LM


You have descended

only to press me


into the Light.  LM

Art piece from Playing with Paint with Herta 2014


Letting Go Makes Space for What is Yet to Be.


As I enter the new year I sense the invitation to continue to Let Go of things I can not control. Acceptance asks me to join her in a surrendered glade by joyful waters to splash about in unknown outcomes. I disconnect from the hold, accept what I cannot change or control, and open to the endless possibilities that really could be.  Want to join me there?

Mostly I simply do what I can – this I can control. Make plans, step forward, budget, show up, live well, draw a bit, rest more, take care of myself, clean out my closet, make a simple but delicious meal, extend a healing hand, take a photo, be honest, be humble, lean on a friend, light a candle, open to Grace, and simply be quiet….. and then dance!

New Year Life and grace upon grace to you.


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