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Sketch & Watercolor done today – Such Fun!!!

I am a Mountain.
I am Alive, Solid, Grounded.

I have a Diamond Soul.
She shines within and radiates out into the world.

I have feelings. Happy ones; Sad ones.
I am not my feelings, but I have them.
My feelings are not ME. They are what I feel.

I am a Mountain. I am unmovable as a person who exists upon this Earth.
I like the happy feelings of joy, love, acceptance, value, and peace.
When clouds and storms of sorrow and pain and anger and darkness come, I don’t like these.
But I see them, I feel them, I know them. But they are not ME.
They are around me and I feel them deeply. But they are not ME.
I am a Diamond Soul Mountain.

The feelings will come and go – stuff happens – the sun is blocked from time to time.
But I am a Diamond Soul Mountain. I hold myself, and She within holds me too.

The Divine within the Earth of My Mountain can never be snuffed.
Just can’t stop The Eternal Presence of Love and Grace.
This is my Home. I am not my feelings. They come and go.
I am Loved and Held and Grounded in Grace.
The Eternal Diamond Within.

Lorie Martin – Feb 19, 2016