The Grand Embrace

“The Grand Embrace of Love”

Pain blocks love – and then becomes a doorway for love to enter in.


I See Papa’s love for the me who is in MacKenzie,

Take after take, stab after stab,

Grace upon grace


I Hear Her truth of being for me in everything,

I never left her, I never left you

I never leave


I Feel MacKenzie’s fury and desperate wrestle with the senseless and the crazy,

The agony of unanswered questions

Glare meets gaze


I hold “The Great Sadness” as it shuts me down and wipes me out,

Clipped wings, unable to fly

Resistant to being loved


I know I am stuck in the knothole of pain as I hang on my cross,

I twist, I turn,

I resign


I Acknowledge the reality of being helpless, seeming hopeless, in

Pain and death, suffering and sorrow, anguish and agony

A gut-wrenching scream, “Get me out of here!”

How can I ever get through to the “other” side? A whisper comes – I must.


I Let Go into the wild power of not knowing,

Yielding as I melt and awake to what is. Here. Now.

Some how I trust in the flow of forgiveness and freedom.

My silent Yes surrenders into the simple astonishing love that has always echoed in me.


I receive “The Grand Embrace” of relentless affection for She is awfully fond of me.

I am wrapped in a beautiful enveloping that sheds the illusion of separateness.

I expand to hold what is most precious to me, and am sustained within and all around.

I am recalled – to the radiant freedom of a life of love – recalled to know who’ve I’ve always been.

I am Home with Love

Reflective Poem & Photos by Lorie Martin


  1. How beautiful, honest, reflective, relational with the One who loves us.
    Thank you, Lori.

  2. Thank you for continuing to share your heart, Lorie. It takes such courage to open up the most vulnerable places within and gives us the bravery to do the same. Bless you.

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