O Loving God of All,


 Be born in me

Amidst this pain, pressure, and the complexities of life

Be born in me

The living seed of the Holy Kiss has been planted long ago

Silently and secretly being formed and shaped

Breath after breath, pulse upon pulse

Unstoppable formation of The Living One in me

Even me

In the dark of unknowing

In the simplicity of the tucked away place

far from the busy streets

sheltered under the stars that shine of Grace

Amidst the winds of change – fierce yet warm

O Gentle Spirit of Hope

be born in me

O Deep Forging of Trust

Be born in me

O Sacred Energy of Courage

Be born in me

O Faithful Friend of Light

Be born in me

O Ever Embracing and out stretched Arms of Love

Be born through me in this darkest light

You are always present

touching my skin, seeing my face,

and welcoming me into the Forever Mystery

of being born


©Lorie Martin Advent Prayer 2017