The Next Dawn – 3rd in the Invited in Meditation Series (2018)  $15

Perhaps the time has come for a new beginning.  Have you been longing for the night to end? Do you sense the Next Dawn is beginning to lift the obscurity in an area of your life?  Are you on a threshold of waiting or gathering courage to step through? 

I welcome you to enter and be met.

New beginnings are filled with joyful anticipation and the occasional twinge of fear at all the unknowns. You are saying yes to what has never happened before!

The silhouettes of dawn hide many of the details that will be exposed at fullness of daylight. What will emerge?

The dawn has its own mystery and sacred luminosity which holds the many possibilities of the day and yet lingers in the silent stillness of the night.

It is my hope and prayer that these pages will accompany you into your Next Dawn where hope and promise, rays of new light and budding life,

will usher in tender and tenacious new growth and wild (authentic and free) thriving. This spiritual practice of meditation carries and sustains us in

the stormy and desolate seasons that come.

A special thank you to my dear friends who have contributed to this book. Your wisdom and experiences have deeply impacted my life. It is an honor to know you; a joy to share the past and Next Dawns of love with you!

The dawn starts in silence, (unless you have a waking infant or whining new puppy), and slowly gets louder and longer into the busyness of the day. Have you ever sat and noticed the waking of a day? There is no rushing it – it will take as long as it takes. Enter deeply into silence for it is God’s first language and there is much to be “heard”.

Let us honour and welcome The Next Dawn.  ~Lorie

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